Before going into various ways I myself created great revenue streams, let’s first take a moment and understand why becoming wealthy matters so much more than getting rich. There is ultimately one difference and one more thing that wealth buys than being rich, cannot. That one thing is TIME.

Many will tell you that they can make lots of money wearing so many different hats, yet it will often follow with “…but I don’t have time…” which tells you that their definition of success is only related to their ability to work for their money. But the truth is most success quotes will state that you have to work smarter, not harder.

A good example of this is the famous 9 to 5 corporate worker whose time is eaten for 12 hours a day and limited to one role in those 12 hours versus the Internet Marketer who also works 12 hours a day but creates 5 to 6 different venues to profit from, all of which eventually become residual. In 5 years, the corporate worker makes much more money per hour but still has to work the same hours, while the Internet Marketer no longer has to work on those same 5 to 6 venues but can rather focus on new ones and still makes the same or more money from those past 5 to 6 sites. At some point, the Internet Marketer will not only surpass the corporate worker but no longer have to work to accomplish that outcome, meaning he can either focus on making more or enjoying his life to the fullest.

From a very early standpoint in life you must be able to differentiate between your ability to create businesses, or ventures that eventually become residual in nature rather than force your presence in order to profit.


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